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CyberMidi's custom midi service was not only fast, but the songs themselves were awesome. Great communication in every step of the process.... I plan on using them for all my MIDI needs!!...Jimi Banks, solo musician and former guitarist for the 70's band Wild Cherry.

I've been involved in MIDI for over ten years and I have to say that your files are the cleanest, best sounding files right out of the box that I have ever used. Thanks for the effort. It's appreciated...Rick Long, Freelance writer for Modern Drummer.

Wow, it's like having your own PERSONAL sequencer!...Ron, NY

You have made my day/week/month! Cadillac Ranch is simply superb. Can you do me a favor and check out what membership plan I am under so I can be sure to renew! What a great service!!!....Greg, Au

It worth the wait. Your midi files make my music come alive. They are absolutely Awesome. It's like jamming wth a real band and the best part they get it right every time.I just can not tell you how much I have improved by playing along with these fabulous files. ....Michael Gervais

I just opened the file and began to work with it a little. I wanted to tell you that I'm extremely impressed. It's very clean, quite perfect. If your other files are as good as this one I will join immediately. Thanks a lot!!! ...Amy AE

Flash, the MIDI-Master behind CYBERMIDIs is one of the most, if not THE most talented MIDI programmers on the net. His impeccable attention to detail and superior sequencing skills sets him apart from the rest. If it werent for the lack of a real singer, we would swear we were listening to the original recording. After hearing and using CYBERMIDIs, stuff we used to think sounded good has since been trashed. What really amazes us is the speed at which they are produced, without missing a beat. We requested a song and it was ready, in all its digital glory the very next day. No wonder they call him FLASH! ...Downwind Publications, Jan 2002

"I've been involved with MIDI files for several years now and have surfed most the sites on the web. I've found claims for "professional MIDIs" or "best on the web" or "sounds just like the record." I'm here to tell you that it just isn't so. Most of the people out there sequencing haven't got a clue about dynamics or structure or even getting the correct shords in place. Most of them sound like they were done by a retired polka player on a squeeze box. It's sad when The Beatles end up sounding like Muzak from an elevator. Having been a working musician for 36 years, I'm not easily impressed musically. However, I have found (and stuck with) one site that's head and shoulders above the rest and that site is CYBERMIDI. CYBERMIDI takes the time to get each of their MIDIfiles sounding as close to the record as is possible. I'm a stickler for detail and these guys put their efforts into the details. And after all, isn't that what makes a great MIDI? ....Bill B. , WI."

It's refreshing to find a pro track site that cares for its members rather than sees them as just a source of income. Well done and keep up the good work, your standard is excellent"...Mike

I had to say what a great place CYBERMIDI is! This is very a cool site and the sounds and services are the best I've seen anywhere on the net! I will return again and again. And I have a very special thank you for your immense consideration of those who are participating in "Operation Enduring Freedom". Keep up the good work! ....Barb C. , N.C."

Simply the best on the 'net...bar none....Glenn S, Or.

It's really hard to take a break from these great midis to drop you a line....BUT THE WAIT WAS WELL WORTH IT!!!!! Great job on the midis and the site!!!....Marty S, Mo

You make me shine like a star! Thanks! .....Anon.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the MIDIs I get from Cybermidi. They really sweat the details, and it's nice not to worry about that. I know if there's a riff that's been flubbed or is missing from a song, and while the audience may never know, it's the sort of thing that can ruin your whole day. And while anyone can give you a great product, Cybermidi backs it with great service. Having been in retail for more years than I care to admit, I've reached the point where I'll actually pay more for great service. Happily, with Cybermidi, I still get that personal touch without going broke....Robert

Your arrangements blow away most of the midi files I have found available free or by purchase either way. What a deal to belong to your site. I love it...Rick

WONderful midi files....the best quality I have heard. I am going to love this site.. and yes...my son helped me get the demos to play...but really no need.. if it\'s a song I want... I know the quality will be there. They sound just great on my keyboard.... I am very pleased. I am trying to get some more business for you too!!!!...Nancy

I assumed there were more than one of you since everything you offer is quality material, and in this case less than 24 hours after I sent my whine-o-gram to you. Good show....YOU are something else!!!...Marty, Au

Just a Praise and Thank you note to those of you who are providing this wonderful site to all us music enthusiasts. I think you are doing a great job providing some really great midi arrangement files. Who ever is doing the arranging has been doing an excellent job at doing it. Your one of the first sites I have found a good arrangement for any of the Doors music, usually they are really pretty bad. Not Yours They have been right on!...Rick

I can't tell you how great this site is, joined last week and your midis are the best. I play the bass parts and my partner plays the guitar. the rest comes from you and our singing with the synth. We're having a ball. I'm sure you have heard all this before, but at our ages, 56,57 we might even "hit the road" again. thanks, Ginter from Ct.

WOW! You are worth way more than what I'm paying you. I don't think I can afford to pay you your true worth. For once I went with something and got it right the first time. Flash, you are a God-send. You've just finished a song in under 24 hours, by my calculations, subtracting sleep, food, bathroom breaks, other business and relaxation. You have gone well above and beyond the call of duty and you have locked me in as your client for the rest of my existence as a vocal performer. Once again, thank you for such a splendid job. I'm the type of person that will tell you whether I think you are crap or not and you are the total opposite of crap. Thanks a million,...Robert, Tamworth, UK

Thanks Flash; I'm sending a new song your way in just a few hours. You're totally beyond belief and you've got my business without hesitation. Thanks a million!....Robert, Fl

I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed at the quality of your midis. I have bought hundreds of midis from places like Trycho, Midi Hits, Comtracks, and Hit Trax, spending as much as $11 per song. Not only are your midis excellent quality, some are hard to find. My hats off to your programmers and musicians for their work. You guys truly offer "Professional" quality midis.Thanks....Don , Pa

Flash, Found your site whilst at work yesterday and was very interested. Got back on at home this morning (sydney, australia-time), joined and have been having a ball downloading.. So far I have only heard the files on my work computer but am very impressed. I wanted to congratulate you not only on the quality of the midis, but your choice of songs. I am a guitarist/keyboard player/singer and have no ability to sequence drums or percussion. I therefore use Band in a Box for most of my sequences but had despaired at ever being able to create or find a sequence for Shapes of Things or Something in the Air (the Thunderclap Newman one). I am ecstatic!!!! thank you so much.... Thanks again for the wonderful concept and the quality of the midi files. You\'ve got me hooked and I will be back regularly.....Brain, Sydney AU.

This is the best one yet. I really don't know how you do it. Your stuff always sounds like a real band instead of a midi file. There is expression, subtlety, highs and lows... you put those companies like Tune 1000 to shame. I honestly think you're the best there is ... I have people asking me who the band was that I hired in the studio....Mark

Hi, I just want to say thanks for such a great site. As a member and fultime performer I have found it to be invaluable as a source for quality files that I have to do very little to for playing out. Also thanks for How\'s it gonna be. I\'ve been looking for it for so long. AAA+++ Thanks...Steven Taylor & The Outta Sight Band

Thank you Flash, you are my Idol!!!! :):):)....Tony

Flash , thanks man.... I appreciate it as I do your site and the job you're doing with the sequences. You may or may not hear it enough but ...JOB WELL DONE..... I enjoy and find great use for my membership to Cybermidi and look forward to it's continued success and progress. I believe it should set the standard for professional midi programming sites around the world. I've used quite a few of them and yes you can quote me as a professional musician...Sid

As always,I am super impressed with the quality of your work,and I love the file! Thank you!...Mike

These are great!!!! You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted this MIDI file! I've looked for it on the net for over two years! I should have just gotten it custom made right from the start. Definitely a job well done! Thanks! I'll very likely be sending more people your way. I always get asked "Where do I get my backing tracks to use with this thing?". I usually tell them that they either have to make the tracks themselves or find MIDI files online. Now I'll also tell them about a truly excellent service that I've discovered that will make backing tracks for them!..Ron B.


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