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CYBERMIDI Premium MIDI files


Are you a musician looking for premium pro quality performance MIDI sequences as backing tracks and tired of the costs to buy them all? Or do you simply not have enough time to create them yourself?

Do you use MIDI files as accompaniment backing tracks?

Are you a music fan sick and tired of surfing web sites and newsgroups only to
end up downloading awful MIDI files?

Are you a MIDI enthusiast and appreciate high quality MIDI files
and the work that goes into creating them?

Impress your audience with your new amazing performances and great sound!

Now you can enjoy unlimited free MIDI file downloads and more.

Membership is NOT required at CYBERMIDI - but take a look at all you get as a CYBERMIDI member!

From rare oldies 1960s and 1970s music - to today's pop, we've got your favorites sequenced in MIDI the way it was meant to be heard. Not just accurate - but so finely detailed you'ld almost think you were listening to the original tune!

As a professional musician with over thirty years of experience, I fell in love with standard MIDI files in 1997. I started tweaking some of the many MIDI files I found on the Internet for my own personal use. I soon began to realize that the quality of the MIDI files I found were so poor, I started programming those same songs from scratch - my way - the CYBERMIDI way. In fact, I discovered that I could do those songs from scratch faster than it took to tweak lousy MIDI files. My band began to sound better and I just knew I had to share these MIDI sequences with others - not just as backing tracks for performers, but also to the casual MIDI fan. Initially, I wanted to just give them away for free, but I knew that legally that could not fly. So I had to create a new business model. Tough questions had to be answered.

  • How can we offer free MIDI file downloads yet cover the prohibitive costs of music licensing and web site expenses?
  • How can we provide consistent quality throughout our entire catalog?
  • How can we build a community where musicians and MIDI fans will come back to again and again?

CYBERMIDI - the cure for MIDIocrity!

"Flash, the MIDI-Master behind CYBERMIDIs is one of the most, if not THE most talented MIDI programmers on the net. His impeccable attention to detail and superior sequencing skills sets him apart from the rest. If it were'nt for the lack of a real singer, we would swear we were listening to the original recording. After hearing and using CYBERMIDIs, stuff we used to think sounded good has since been trashed. What really amazes us is the speed at which they are produced, without missing a beat. We requested a song and it was ready, in all its digital glory the very next day. No wonder they call him FLASH!"

Downwind Publications | Jan 2002



CYBERMIDI Membership Benefits


Compared to the cost of buying pro MIDI files elsewhere - at prices up $16 each - our CYBERMIDIs are included with your membership.


CYBERMIDIs are not sold anywhere else.


Many pro MIDI file companies sell MIDI files created by a virtual army of programmers, therefore quality will vary greatly from MIDI to MIDI. At CYBERMIDI, 99% of our catalog has been programmed by just one person - Flash! Our catalog may not be as large as some competitors, but we - and our customers - prefer quality over quantity. In fact, many competitors boost their catalog by offering 7 different versions of the same song by 7 different programmers. That all said, our catalog is still large and diverse - and growing every month.


In addition to our current catalog, you get new MIDI files as they are released during your membership. Plus you get access to hundreds of MIDI Files not released to the public.


By downloading legally, you are showing your support for the artists, writers and publishers that bring us the great music.


As long as there is no lapse in your membership, we will never raise your price.

checkmark SAVE TIME & MONEY

Why spend hours fixing up poorly produced MIDI files? While most MIDI files need to be tweaked for personal use, our members agree - CYBERMIDIs are the closest out-of-the-box MIDI files you can find.

checkmark WISH LIST

Our members can request any MIDI files we don't currently have. Although CYBERMIDI.com cannot guarantee accommodation, we do listen to our members and we will sequence from that list often.


Occasionally, we re-work our MIDI files. Although we won't release a work until we're fully satisfied with it, there is always room for improvement. A MIDI never seems to finished. Members can simply download the updates. Members are kept current on any updates, New MIDIs, and updates to the site with our Newsletter. Current MIDIs are identified by Version numbers. Try getting that service elsewhere!


Where applicable - one for listening and the other for performance (identified as CM or CP prefixes). They are delivered in both MIDI Format 1 and Format 0.


Members receive a discount off CYBERMIDI SELECTs available at SHOP CYBERMIDI. At Shop CYBERMIDI, we distribute competitor's MIDI files at exclusive discounts - not available anywhere else - not even from the competitor!

checkmark BONUS MIDIs

Created by FabBox exclusively for CYBERMIDI, following our strict standards.


Discussion Board only accessible to members.


We understand that a MIDI file can sound different depending on the user's equipment. What may sound great on one device sounds awful on another. This involves some tweaking to make it just right. For a nominal fee, we will customize any MIDI for your own personal use until you are satisfied...and satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


Are you active in the military with a valid APO address? We'll take 10% off the price of any membership or single order MIDI file. Please contact us in advance for instructions.

checkmark CUSTOM MIDI Production DISCOUNTS

Save 10% off non-member custom MIDI production pricing...plus get priority service. (Members come first!).

"CyberMidi's custom midi service was not only fast, but the songs themselves were awesome. Great communication in every step of the process.... I plan on using them for all my MIDI needs!"

Jimi Banks | Solo musician and former guitarist for the 70's band Wild Cherry.

"I've been involved with MIDI files for several years now and have surfed most the sites on the web. I've found claims for "professional MIDI Files" or "best on the web" or "sounds just like the record." I'm here to tell you that it just isn't so. Most of the people out there sequencing haven't got a clue about dynamics or structure or even getting the correct chords in place. Most of them sound like they were done by a retired polka player on a squeeze box. It's sad when The Beatles end up sounding like Muzak from an elevator. Having been a working musician for 36 years, I'm not easily impressed musically. However, I have found (and stuck with) one site that's head and shoulders above the rest and that site is CYBERMIDI. CYBERMIDI takes the time to get each of their midifiles sounding as close to the record as is possible. I'm a stickler for detail and these guys put their efforts into the details. And after all, isn't that what makes a great MIDI?"

Bill Bernico | Professional musician - WI.

"I had to say what a great place CYBERMIDI is! This is very a cool site and the sounds and services are the best I've seen any place on the net! I will return again and again. And I have a very special thank you for your immense consideration of those who are participating in "Operation Enduring Freedom". Keep up the good work!"

Barb C. | N.C.

"I'm very impressed with the quality of the midis I get from Cybermidi. They really sweat the details, and it's nice not to worry about that. I know if there's a riff that's been flubbed or is missing from a song, and while the audience may never know, it's the sort of thing that can ruin your whole day. And while anyone can give you a great product, Cybermidi backs it with great service. Having been in retail for more years than I care to admit, I've reached the point where I'll actually pay more for great service. Happily, with Cybermidi, I still get that personal touch without going broke. "

Robert P. | Professional Musician

"WOW! You are worth way more than what I'm paying you. I don't think I can afford to pay you your true worth. For once I went with something and got it right the first time. Flash, you are a God-send. You've just finished a song in under 24 hours, by my calculations, subtracting sleep, food, bathroom breaks, other business and relaxation. You have gone well above and beyond the call of duty and you have locked me in as your client for the rest of my existence as a vocal performer. Once again, thank you for such a splendid job. Thanks a million!"

Rob | Tamworth U.K.

"Flash, found your site whilst at work yesterday and was very interested. Got back on at home this morning (Sydney, Australia-time), joined and have been having a ball downloading. So far I have only heard the midi files on my work computer but am very impressed. I wanted to congratulate you not only on the quality of the midis, but your choice of songs. I am a guitarist/keyboard player/singer and have no ability to sequence drums or percussion. I therefore use Band in a Box for most of my sequences but had despaired at ever being able to create or find a sequence for Shapes of Things or Something in the Air (the Thunderclap Newman one). I am ecstatic!!!! thank you so much. Thanks again for the wonderful concept and the quality of the midi files. You've got me hooked and I will be back regularly."

Brian | Sydney AU.


We pledge to bring you the highest quality MIDI files that we can create and never sacrifice quality for quantity. We have just 1 MIDI programmer not 25 so you will find a consistency throughout our catalog and a generous diversified collection of superior quality MIDIs ranging from great oldies to the top hits of today. But don't take our word for it. This link will open up our entire catalog of available MIDI files in a new browser page.


You have your choice of 1 YEAR or 2 YEAR memberships. That value of your membership continues to grow as we add new titles...and you don't pay a penny more. Download about 10 MIDI files and membership PAYS FOR ITSELF. Compare these facts with the nominal cost of membership and you'll agree - CYBERMIDI is the BEST MIDI file value on the web. Although membership is not necessary to get CYBERMIDIs - you can buy them if you wish - membership is far and above a greater value!



Our current prices are guaranteed until Midnight, so lock in your pricing today! Please be sure to choose the most appropriate membership option for you.

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