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Site Concept

CYBERMIDI was created for MIDI enthusiasts as a cross between the free MIDI sites and the commercial sites. Our files can be purchased separately, or you can JOIN and download for free. Your membership fees help pay for the cost of licensing and running the web site. This allows us to offer you legal MIDI files at an unequalled value. There are 3 different MIDI sections: The CYBERMIDIs are free for members. Simply choose Browse or Search. We also offer CYBERMIDI Selects, which are additional MIDI files created by professionals for CYBERMIDI. We offer these at discount prices to our members...oftentimes discounts not even available to our distributor's own customers. You can pick these up at Shop CYBERMIDI. And finally, we have a totally free download section, which contains mostly public domain music, but does offer some other useful software downloads.

Viewing the Site

We've tested with the latest versions Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla Firefox. For best viewing, we reccommend IE. Use the full screen mode in your browser. (IE users hit F11, Netscape users can click on the bars to enlarge the viewing area). IMPORTANT: CYBERMIDI uses Javascript and Macromedia Flash. If the site won't work correctly you're browser might not support java (unlikely nowadays), or javascript may be disabled. Don't know you're settings? No problem, CLICK HERE and we'll tell you. For instructions on enabling or disabling Javascript, please visit our FAQ section. If you do not have Flash installed, you should be prompted for it when you visit certain pages on our site. Please install it when prompted. This application contains no spyware, and can always be disabled later if desired.

Finding the MIDI Files

On the left side of the screen is the Browse Catalog box. You can also search from the box above, or click on Advanced search to give you more search options. This will lead you to a screen where you can view our database. You can demo each MIDI which will play in either Mp3 or MIDI format. The MIDI format will sound only as good as your own equipment, but it will load faster. The MP3 demo is slower, but will sound as better, although it is still recorded at a low bit rate for faster loading. While most MIDIs are available, there may be a situation where you see an X, it may mean the file is not available due to pending licensing or other issues.

Listening to the MIDI Files

Demos are identified as little blue arrows. Just click on them. MIDIs will sound pretty bad if if you don't have a high quality sound card. We reccomend Soundblaster, and substituting the internal sounds with high quality soundfonts.

Membership Plans

You do not need to be a member to buy our MIDI files - just add them to your card and checkout - but our membership plans do offer you the best value. For more information on our membership plans, click here.

Downloading the MIDI Files

The process is basically the same for members and non-members. Members will need to log in to avoid being sent to the shopping cart for payment. To download a MIDI, click in the box to the right of the song title (under the GET MIDI column). Click add to cart. You will now be sent to the shopping cart for checkout. Members will be sent to the shopping cart also, but be redirected to a different page to avoid paying for the MIDI. The download is a zip file which works on PC or MAC. If you have an older computer that does not recognize ZIP files, you will need to download WinZip from Install Winzip, then click on the downloaded file. For a more comprensive and visual explanation, (although a bit outdated) please view the Download Tutorial.

Just about every question ever asked has been addressed in the FAQ section, and it's your best source of finding help if needed. If your questions are still not answered, feel free to contact Customer Support.


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