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In response to: Augmented Piano Chords: What They Are & How To Use Them

Comment from: Adalberto johnson [Visitor]

Adalberto johnson
4 stars

there is only one rule in playing piano: if it souds good is good. by error an trial find if
the augmented chord , in whatever it is that your playng, sound good. try different
voicing till you find the one that sounds good

09/07/15 @ 21:19

In response to: How to Play Bass Pedals (One Octave)

Comment from: matt [Visitor]


Jeff Phillips is a beast on the pedals! watch his videos…lots of chromatic stuff and great lines all with just 1 octave pk5…

05/19/15 @ 23:06

In response to: How to Play Bass Pedals (One Octave)

Comment from: Paul LaFever [Visitor]

Paul LaFever

Hi! For many years I supported myself playing a jazzmaster, korg bass pedals and a Boss rythem box while singing. Now I,m doing something unique. I’m using Roland pk5 midi pedals plugged into my psr s910 Yamaha keyboard to play the style files backup while playing my fender jaguar and singing through a vocalist live 4 harmonizer box. I use midi backing tracks on certain songs too. Its a lot to move and set up but the compliments I get are worth it. I have searched the net and I’ve never found anyone doing this. I’d be glad to help anyone who would like to try it!.

05/15/15 @ 06:54
Lana Marie

Bill, Any thoughts on compatability of the Akai APC Key 25 midi controller? Nary a mention on the packaging about using it with Garageband. I have a 12 year old who is interested in using it with Garageband, not Ableton. Sorry if this is a simple question… I just don’t know if it can be used in Garageband or not.

01/22/15 @ 20:02

In response to: 10 Tips for Succesful Production of Dance Music

Comment from: Deep house [Visitor]

Deep house

Rhythmic delays are very helpful to me when it comes to trance but there are some tips here I don’t know yet like the less bass more bass because personally I love to add more bass on my mix but this one was tricky and I realize you should just set it enough but not too much.

04/22/14 @ 11:14

In response to: American Idol Songwriting Contest: Fair Or Foul?

Comment from: jenkins [Visitor]


The trouble is if it’s only open to Amateurs no one would watch the show,
Semi Pro’s would be more honest Professional means making a living solely
as a songwriter, I don’t think any of the ones who’s songs were accepted, were
full time pro’s most of them would be lucky to get one top fifty song in their lives

Full time Pros are not interested in This Contest they are getting cuts all the time
and making a living from it, so this article is really just stirring things up. and anyone
moaning about it, is just writing from sour grapes.

01/21/14 @ 12:41

In response to: Guitar Strings, Your Basic Insight

Comment from: Lydia Bridges [Visitor]

Lydia Bridges
3 stars

Fantastic article! Thanks for sharing this information. I would love to share this with my neice because she also loves to play the guitar and i think it is basic for her to know these stuffs. :)

01/15/13 @ 20:01
5 stars

Your article was very well written,and I really began to understand some of the MIDI concepts.
I need help with setting up my keyboard and Cakewalk software-(Yamaha S-90, Cakewalk Home Studio). I know. I have no experience with the connections or the software terminology. I have the program installed and I can open it, but how do I get the keyboard involved in the recording process? Then, how do I create the different musical instrument tracks? Assume I want piano, drums and bass; can you try to walk me thru this? I have been playing piano for 20+years, and just bought the keyboard, now I am realizing what is possible but don’t have a clue how to set things up. All the books I have seen assume a level of understanding that is far too advanced for me
Thanks for whatever advice you can offer

05/09/12 @ 15:08
5 stars

Thanks for an informative post on something that every ‘GB’ user will get curious about sooner or later. After 3 year using garageband’s qwerty keyboard thing, (adequate but only just) I just spent three weeks ‘doing the rounds’ of local music shops tapping on every usb midi keyboard controller I could find. I just purchased a M-Audio keystation mini 32 and couldn’t be happier. It’s affordable, ($90 AUS) plugged straight in, its compact, looks cool, it’s fun and very easy to operate, and as I’m pressed for desk space, it’s low profile means that I can easily lean over to my keyboard to tweak the Garageband software on my Macbook Pro ‘on the fly’. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who doesn’t want the whole home studio setup but wants a vast improvement on the ‘music keys’ on screen keyboard that comes with GB. Hope this helps… cheers Mark - QLD Australia

03/06/12 @ 00:16